How To Unblock Websites And Banned Web Pages From Anywhere

Restricting users’ internet access can increase productivity and protect your organization from viruses and malicious content found on some websites. When you use a proxy, your data passes through the proxy server and then to the web. During this process, masks your IP address, meaning you can enjoy full anonymity but remember it doesn’t encrypt the data. If you want to access any website once, then you should go with using a proxy. To clarify a few things, let’s dig into what is happening at the back of google chrome, restricting our access to some websites. Even though you do get to access blocked sites this way, keep in mind that a browser extension only encrypts the browser data.

  • If this website is in the Restriction sites list, you can simply remove it to solve the problem.
  • VyprVPN is a high-speed, high-security service with a proprietary obfuscation technology called „Chameleon“.
  • It has to in order to compete with its lightweight wireless competitors.
  • Whether it’s wired or wireless, WePC has tried and tested the best of the best to help you find discord screen share no audio your next mouse.
  • The encryption prevents anyone from knowing which website the user is trying to visit.

You do not either need a photographic memory , all you need is a bit of practice to integrate this habit in your routine. How to fix Chrome for Windows not saving passwords? It is possible that the password etc. is not automatically entered because the automatic input setting of Chrome is disabled. Do when the password cannot be automatically entered in the PC version of Chrome. But with the 11 solutions we’ve presented in this article, you’ll be able to have Google Chrome’s password manager working again and overcome such issues. Chrome’s built-in password manager does not have some of the security advantages offered by third-party tools. Open the “Family & other users” settings as indicated above and locate your newly created account.

Use a Proxy To Access Restricted Websites

If Chrome displays the message „ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED“ instead of the website you want to access, it means that the contacted server has interrupted the connection. Reloading the URL is often not enough to fix the problem. Unfortunately, determining the source of the error is anything but a simple task. To fix the „ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED“ error, you need a good amount of patience. If you are using Chrome on a mobile device , you will not find the “Clear browsing data” option under “More tools”. Instead, you’ll find it under the “History” menu option.

Why Is Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords?

The quick way to toggle Tablet Mode on/off is to press the Win key + A, which will open the Action Center sidebar shown below. That includes a Tablet mode button that you can press to toggle Tablet Mode on/off. Updater software like DriverFix can also detect and repair damaged or missing drivers.


It can also find and remove or disable corrupt extensions. This not only gets your right-click context menu functioning properly but also increases the speed of your computer. Choose the Search automatically for updated driver software option and patiently wait while Windows searches for an update. Microsoft has recently released a new update for Windows 10. If you have recently updated your Windows, you might notice that the right-click context menu takes a long time to appear when you perform a right-click. This forces you to wait for a long time before you can do what you want to do. It can be frustrating right-clicking on an icon and then waiting for almost 5 minutes before the context menu appears.