Please enable the Virtual Machine Platform Windows feature and ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS Issue #5363 microsoft WSL

To check the operating system version and build number, you can type the winver command in the RUN dialog and press Enter. I hope the aforementioned points will help you make an informed decision. You don’t want to waste your time installing and managing the virtual machine. Use virtualization software , such as Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix XenServer to set up the VM server. Multiple host VMs can be hosted on a single physical server. Moreover, each host VM on this single server can execute and operate without affecting the operations of the other host VMs on that server.

  • Along these lines, in case you’re “Windows 7 Home” after the update transformed not into a main ten, but rather into a pumpkin, you should focus on projects like activators.
  • To sum up, if you want to reset Windows 10 to factory settings from boot, and therefore solving all the existing problems, “Reset this PC” is the way to go.
  • Starting with Windows 10 build 19536, Microsoft wants to help customers set up their device to be used by multiple people in their family.

There are two types of solutions provided by the Remote Help solution. Are submenus that list frequently used commands and files in each of your programs for quick Screenshot of access. The instant you start to type, you trigger Windows’ very fast, whole-computer search function.

How To Activate Windows 10 and Remove the Activate Windows Watermark

Virtualization enables IT to do more with less and save money at the same time. Consolidation might simply be an assumed use case today, but it’s still a primary driver for virtualization. The support available from Docker extends to installing and running Docker Desktop inside the VM, once the nested virtualization is set up correctly.

If you’re fine with that risk, press“Only save files to this PC”instead. Choose your keyboard language Now that we’ve shown your how to reset a PC, it’s time to run through the setup process again. This starts with choosing your keyboard language. You have successfully removed the password from the user account and can sign in without entering the password.

How to factory reset a PC using Windows

However, with an unactivated Windows 10, you won’t have the capacity to remove the custom theme. Only users with activated versions can choose their preferred themes. Now, you can activate your Windows using the command “slmgr /ato” and recheck the activation status.

If your Windows 10 system has not been activated, it will appear a watermark at the lower-right screen saying “Activate Windows. It would be annoying to have the watermark on screen. One of the first displays you’ll encounter will ask for your product key in order to Activate Windows.

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