Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technology is now a standard option for everyone, not just the wealthy and technologically adept. The tech industry has responded by introducing ever more sophisticated solutions. Although many people associate automation with gadgets like Google’s Nest or Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s HomeKit, the term is more comprehensive than that and encompasses an array of options for your home. They range from remote-controlled lighting and heating to CCTV, home security systems, doorbells and smart locks. Some let you keep track of children, elderly relatives and pets to monitor electricity or water usage, and so on.

Integration is the primary ingredient of a good smart home system. This is why the most effective products integrate with other devices and systems to make your home more intelligent. A smart light bulb, for example, can communicate with the central hub to schedule your lights on a specific schedule or turn them off when leaving the house. Also, a video doorbell will notify you of visitors who aren’t expected and trigger your alarm system call the police or fire department. Once you’ve got the hang of the IFTTT (If this, then that) service and you’re ready to use other services like Stringify to automate devices in more intricate ways.

Of of course, bringing a array of new smart devices to your home is not without some issues. This is why CNET is working to understand company policies, highlight privacy concerns and direct questions to the concerned companies.

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